The Choirmaster

Written by Thomas Jones & Nikolai Ribnikov

Southwark Playhouse  |  6th October 2016

"Dim ond calon lân all ganu. None but a pure heart can sing."

Calon Lân is one of the finest Welsh hymns. You almost can’t sing it wrong. Almost.  Choirmaster Derek Jenkins has his work cut out for him leading his local male-voice choir. And he’ll do whatever it takes to turn them into the best chorus this side of the Amman Valley.

A look at the dark underbelly of Wales’ national pastime.

Thomas Jones
Hannah Maddox
Tom Woodward
Simon Grujich
Jack Christie
Roger Parkins
Mark Bayley
Rupert Adams

Director  |  Nikolai Ribnikov
Sound & Lighting  |  Samuel Gregory