Esteemed Ladies & Gentlechaps,

Velvet Trumpet are bloody proud to present to you the ROYALTY CARD. Oh what is this decadence, you ask? Madam ’tis a loyalty card like no other.

Go ahead, step forward. Don’t be afraid. Let us explain.

The Royalty Card saves you money on ALL Velvet Trumpet shows and events, from our sell-out spectacular night of new comedy writing Soggy Brass to our rather humorous full-length productions and beyond. We jest you not. Oh and did we forget to mention that our card will NEVER expire? You will be pulling out this burgundy beauty at the grand old age of 80 and thinking absolutely nothing of it.

After all, comedy is for life not just for Christmas.

Best of all every penny made from this card goes straight back into producing the finest comedy theatre in all of London.

Be the cock of the walk. The cat’s pyjamas. The envy of the entire town.