Written by Thomas Jones & Nikolai Ribnikov

Etcetera Theatre, Camden  |  17th - 22nd February 2015

"Three men. Three different walks of life. One problem. Joy…or lack thereof."

Velvet Trumpet present an evening of darkly funny monologues delving into the lives of three lonely men desperately seeking joy.

When Michael’s marriage fails and he is forced to move in with his brother, it’s fair to say that life has taken a turn for the worse. All seems lost until he meets the love of his life over a slice of toast at a party. Could this be the start of something special?

Thames cop Roger has come to a local primary school to tell the kids all about his work solving crime on the river. But it’s not his usual beat and he’s not happy about it. Can this fish out of water successfully educate his audience without resentment getting in the way?

Lonely tube driver Phil ferries thousands of passengers up and down the Bakerloo line every day. The same line, the same stops, the same announcements. But who’s actually listening?

The answer to all these questions is of course ’no’ (except the third one which is technically ‘no one’). But you get the picture.

The picture’s bleak.


Jon Cottrell
Thomas Jones
Simon Grujich

Director  |  Nikolai Ribnikov
Sound & Lighting  |  Samuel Gregory
Co-Producer  |  Sarah Milton

Lovely things Press said...

The writing is the star...simultaneously warm, dark, comedic, intimate and insightful.
— A Younger Theatre
Deliciously cynical from start to turn heart-breaking, hilarious and occasionally bemusing...It’s great to see a show where the audience is permitted – trusted – to draw their own conclusions from what they know is a flawed and one-sided account of the truth.
— Ginger Hibiscus
Velvet Trumpet are the masters of municipal dark comedy. An unlikely genre but they totally nail it.
— Stewart Pringle (Time Out/Exuent)
Touching moments are built up to a point of emotional pay-off, and then ruthlessly shattered with a crass punch line.
— Remote Goat
Quirky, dark and a little bit twisted...bitingly funny.
— The View From The Upper Circle
Although three totally different stories and performances, as one story and performance left us, the other flowed in, like a master DJ mixing their songs. The entire evening felt like a perfect musical chord.
— LondonTheatre1
Written with darkly comic intensity...there’s a rich talent behind Jones and Ribnikov’s partnership, with three gripping performances.
— Stage Seen
Great fun, with just the right amount of seriousness...Absolutely hilarious and superbly performed.
— Eda Theatre
It seems in bad taste.
— The Upcoming