Burying A Stranger

Written by Thomas Jones & Nikolai Ribnikov

Southwark Playhouse  |  11th October 2015

"He ushered us in. Four wet women leaving puddles in the church."

Mum free-pouring Frosty Jacks down her throat. Auntie Pauline with her earphones in; Michael Ball. She’s obsessed. And Nana Pat, just stood there saying nothing…Not quite the send off he had in mind.

What is it about funerals eh? Damned if we know. A piece about remembrance, ceremony and Michael fucking Ball.

Catherine Thorncombe

Director  |  Nikolai Ribnikov
Sound Design  |  Samuel Gregory
Sound & Lighting  |  Abigail Toghill

Thorncombe kept focus well, her character channelling a morbid combination of Gavin & Stacey’s Nessa and Winnie The Pooh’s Eeyore.
— A Younger Theatre

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